More on Mikayla Miller and the studio!

Being an esthetician never crossed my mind when I was younger. It was instilled in me to go to college and have a successful career in my chosen major. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Communication Sciences and Disorders at IPFW and enrolled in Saint Louis University to achieve my Master's in Speech Language Pathology. In my second semester, I realized I was not happy and needed a change. With my husband's encouragement and seven months, I found myself at my first day in esthetics school! 

My skin journey started back in middle school. I dealt with stubborn acne leading my mom to take me to the dermatologist's office. I was prescribed topical and oral medications that never seemed to help. I remember quite vividly using those treasured hall passes to go to my locker to apply the heaviest moisturizer because not only was my skin ridden with acne, but now it was drier than the Sahara Desert. In college, I decided to go to an esthetician and receive monthly facials. Long story short, they didn't work because I was not informed on how to care for my skin, nor was I given appropriate products to help me reach success. I became fed up and told myself,"If no one can help me, then I am going to help me."

My promise to you.

As a licensed esthetician, I promise to all of my clients that I will educate them on how to care for their skin and provide them with products that are clinically proven to work. Education plays a big role in skincare and success cannot be reached without it. I will always promise to give my clients all of the tools they need to reach their goals.